Exposed ECZ, OP move returning officers to Chamba valley

The Electoral Commission of Zambia(ECZ) the Office of the President Special Division and Senior state House officials have relocated several returning officers and presiding officer to an OP safe house in Chamba Valley. This follows the exposure by the Zambian Watchdog that the potential witnesses in the petition were grouped at the Golden Peacock Hotel in Lusaka.

An Intelligence source has disclosed that some of the critical witnesses have been moved from the hotel. ” The person coordinating this from ECZ is Mr. Chomba Chella. Chomba Chella is the Deputy Director of Elections. He is not deputy chairperson. Chomba Chella was executive director of the Zambia Centre for Interparty Dialogue but before that he had worked for Habitat for Humanity as Country director according to our background check,” the intelligence source said.

The source said the returning officers were first moved to an OP safe house in Chamba Valley just on a dusty road before Mutumbi Cemetery near the Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia Head office before being moved to another house near the OP Club. The source said most of the returning officers and presiding officers were from Lusaka and Eastern Provinces.

” Do you have a picture of Chomba Chella? You can actually google it. He is the fat man escorting that Ugandan called Chavula with the Police when he entered the ECZ Server room. The Post carried the picture,” the source said.

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