Exposed ECZ wants police to arrest messengers

After its evil scheme of registering foreigners to vote for the PF has been exposed,  the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) has asked the police to arrest the ‘messengers’.

Chris Akufuna, who speaks on behalf of the disgraced ECZ says the police should get interested in ‘HOW’ the Post newspaper got the voters’ cards and national registration cards (NRC) it displayed in its Monday edition purported to belong to foreigners.

This is really foolish of Akufuna and just shows how guilty he is. Why should he be concerned of how the Post got the evidence instead of he being concerned about foreigners being registered to vote in Zambia?

Akufuna even had the audacity to  question the authenticity of the cards that the paper displayed on its front page.
“The burden of proof lies on those accusing us. How they do that I leave it to them. I think the police must get interested in this matter. Why collect other people’s voters’ cards and NRCs?” Mr Akufuna asked.

Of course they are not authentic in the sense that they have just been issued to rig elections. This is what should worry Akufuma and his fellow, corrupt crooks at ECZ.

He said ECZ is doing its very best to give Zambians a credible election but its efforts are being rubbished by some stakeholders.

How can an election where foreigners are paid and allowed to vote be credible?

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