Exposed: Fr Bwalya is sponsored by Fred M’membe

Exposed: Fr Bwalya is sponsored by Fred M’membe

Frank Bwalya is sponsored and working with Post newspaper owner Fred M’membe, the Watchdog has been told.

And Fr Bwalya has asked former Pemba MP and ex-ZRA director David Matongo to find his father who is believed to be somewhere in the villages of Pemba in Southern Province.

Fr Bwalya does not know his father but reports have emerged that he was sired by a Tonga man whom he never met thus adopting his mother’s family name; Bwalya. But now that he wants to be president, the search for dad has began.

Meanwhile, sports minister Chishimba Kambwili has personal reasons to oppose Fr Bwalya to the point of insulting him.

Laughable as it sounds and since anyone can now be president in Zambia, Kambwili has presidential ambitions. According to people close to Kambwili, he is one of the people president Michael Sata promised to handover power to.

Frank Bwalya was also promised the presidency but to take over from  Kambwili.

‘You know Sata is a liar. He convinced chi Kambwili that by being at the youth ministry, he would be closer to the youth who are the majority voters,’ one person told the Watchdog.  He continued ‘the decision by Fr Bwalya therefore to break this agreement and start campaigning for the presidency outside the arrangement has left Kambwili in anger.’

On Fr Bwalya’s arrangement with Fred M’membe, the Watchdog has been told that Bwalya is a Bwinjinfumu project. This is because M’membe knows the PF is going nowhere and his bid to impose Kabimba as successor to Sata has flopped.

‘Even his recent trip to South Africa where he met donors and some journalists was organised by Fred M’membe through his contacts,’ said one NGO source.

‘Don’t you remember that his plan to form a political party and run for president was first announced by the Post newspaper even when Frank himself was denying it? He was only forced to comply and admit on radio phoenix days after the Post had declared it.’

Sources close to Fr Bwalya say the seemingly negative articles being published in the Post against Bwalya are part of the scheme. Sources at the Post newspaper have disclosed that Fr Bwalya actually goes through (reads) the articles before they are published.

According to sources, the Post has no credibility right now and coming out to support Frank Bwalya would work against the very idea it wants to push.

‘So, the idea is to make sure he is in news everyday and Zambians see him in the paper everyday while pretending to be opposing him while in actual fact selling him,’ explained one person.

When the right time comes, the Post will go in full force to support Fr Bwalya.

On Thursday, Fr Bwalya told Voice of America that the PF regime is frustrating his efforts to register his new party. This is a lie from a priest. He has not presented any application forms to the registrar of societies.

The truth is that he and Fred M’membe have not yet agreed on the composition of party leadership. ‘M’membe wants to put his own people in the party top leadership but leave Bwalya as president but control the decisions through his puppets. People like Rueben Lifuka maybe pushed in there,’ explained a source.

Fr Bwalya is unemployed, has no business and is generally a pauper and depends on others to pay his rent. He is a typical candidate for Fred M’membe. He owes him big time as all his activities are bankrolled by M’membe.

By the time he becomes president, he will just be saying thank you, thank you and thank you again for making me what I am today.

For now, Bwalya will pretend to be willing to work with other opposition leaders but just to be acceptable and win the sympathy of Zambians and be seen to be cooperative. The truth is that Bwalya despises the current opposition and just wants to use them.


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