Exposed LAZ boss now refuses to interpret PF constitution

After being exposed by the Watchdog, Law Association of Zambia President George Chisanga has now refused to interpret the PF constitution for Guy Scott.  He has instead told him to hire a private lawyer. 10604024_850213395029412_1934349404999170856_o Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 15.23.48
A few days ago, LAZ gave Scott it’s interpretation of the party law but the Watchdog got a copy immediately sending LAZ in panic mode. In the first interpretation LAZ said the PF constitution gives the power to elect a president yo the General Conference exclusively.
But this time exposed Chisanga has asked Scott to hire a private lawyer.
In a letter to Scott dated 19th November 2014, LAZ President, George Chisanga refused to give the opinion stating that the LAZ Act Sect.4 Cap 31 limits it’s powers to offering opinions to public bodies and can not offer the opinion to private persons and entities.

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