Exposed: Lubinda bullying Ziale for personal gain, he is a law student

Exposed: Lubinda bullying Ziale for personal gain, he is a law student

Minister of Justice Given Lubinda is intimidating Zambia Institute of Advanced Legal Education (ZIALE) to lower marking standards not because he cares about students but because low standards will directly benefit him.

The Watchdog has just established that Lubinda is a law student at the University of Lusaka where classmates and lecturers say he is struggling to ‘clear’ modules.

Lubinda has described Ziale lecturers as dull and has summoned them to his office to explain why it is so difficult to pass bar admission exams.

‘Don’t be cheated. Lubinda’s bullying of ZIALE to relax standards is self preservation. He is a law student at Unilus with deputy speaker of the National Assembly Catherine Namugala,’ the watchdog has been told.


If he will graduate from Unilus, Lubinda will then be expected to enrol at ZIALE, so this is personal. He is using his office to make ZIALE relax markings standards so that even him can pass.

To try and boost his poor marks at Unilus, Lubinda has hired retired judge Musonda as personal tutor.

Recently, Lubunda advised lawyers to desist from using the law to advance their political ambitions.

Speaking after the last batch of 147 lawyers were admitted to the bar, Lubinda said although lawyers have the liberty to comment on political matters, they should declare themselves politicians so that society engages them as such.
“They must not hide behind the wig of the legal profession as doing so demeans the profession in its entirety,” Lubinda said.

But him is hiding in politics to advance his law career.

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