Exposed: Lusaka lawyer Katolo sleeping with client in divorce case

The case in which a Lukezo Juwaki, an auditor at the National Road Fund Agency sued his wife for divorce due to ‘unbecoming behavior’ has taken a new twist; the wife’s lawyer Milner Joseph Katolo is having sex with her.

The Lusaka based lawyer Milner Joseph Katolo is even paying rent for Nchimunya Juwaki in Chalala, Lusaka but now he has threatened to stop paying her rent. It seems Lawyer Katolo is tired of his client and has instead accused her of cheating on him.

In March this year,
Lukezo Juwaki asked  the High Court to dissolve his marriage with Nchimunya, a Zanaco customer services assistant and receptionist, whom he married on July 2, 2007 and has a child with.

Mr Juwaki said his wife has had an inappropriate close relationship with her former boyfriend from the beginning of the marriage.

He said on one occasion, she got into a fight with her former lover’s current girlfriend. Mr Juwaki also accused his wife of misusing money.

What Juwaki did not tell the court was that he had already stopped supporting his wife and had kicked her out of the house.

His wife was represented by Milner Joseph Katolo. But what was also not revealed in court was that the lawyer later started having sex with the client.

According to people close to the lawyer, Milner Joseph Katolo is also paying rent for Ncimunya in Chalala.

Unfortunately, lawyer Katolo is now tired of the woman and has threatened to stop paying rent for her.

Text messages including those sent through Vibre and whatsapp show that the lawyer and his client have been in a sexual relationship sometimes bonking each other just after court sessions.

On the other hand, other  information gathered show that Nchimunya’s husband (Juwaki) actually wants the divorce as he is staying with another woman called Waasa Matundwelo.

Waasa is older than the Juwaki, has two children from two different men.

Waasa, who sells clothes along Cairo Road is making sure she enjoys Juwaki’s wealth. She is driving the ma’s different luxurious cars from an X5x5, challenger to a Volvo.

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