Exposed PF halts looting of govt vehicles

The Ministry of Works and Supply has halted the sale of thousands of motor vehicles to PF cadres serving in government positions. The decision to sale government vehicles was approved by Cabinet.

Works and Supply Minister, Yamfwa Mukanga says the halted sale of the motor vehicles is in order to address all issues that have been raised by various stakeholders.

A few days ago, the Watchdog revealed that the PF government was in the process of looting government vehicles by undervaluing them and selling to PF officials in government offices.

The idea is to steal the vehicles before the elections.

But Mukanga says some of the concerns raised are that government would remain without vehicles after the sale and that government would also lose money as a result. Imagine, cabinet did not know this?

He said besides addressing the raised concerns, his Ministry wants to verify the vehicles that have been offered for sale to ensure there is strict adherence to the directive by Cabinet.

So they wanted to sale before verifying?

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