Exposing Corruption at Zambia Environmental Management Agency (ZEMA)


Following the termination of the contract of the Director General of ZEMA with no reasons given but because he and his board refused to bow to political pressure to approve projects from the current minister of land and environment, the PF government decided to fire them all. Now the institution has been turned into a watchtower institution were all non-watchtower have been removed and replaced with all watchtower thanks to the Human resources manager, Mrs Kalobwe K. Saya. She is very corrupt that she plotted most of the people who left ZEMA in frustration including the current firing of the Director General. Below a letter from her….

From: Kalobwe K. Saya
Sent: Tuesday, June 02, 2015 3:29 PM
To: Staff-Lusaka; Staff-Livingstone; Staff-Ndola; Staff-Chirundu

Dear Members of staff,

We are in receipt of correspondence dated June 2, 2015 from the office of the Permanent Secretary of our Ministry of Lands, Natural Resources and Environmental Protection. Following the termination of the contract for the Director General, a number of changes have been made to cushion the institution against operational gaps as follows;

1. Mr Maxwell Nkoya(watchtower member), M- NRO has been transferred to Zema Head Office as Manager Planning and Information Management in place of Mr Patson Zulu(watchtower member). Mr Nkoya has since been appointed to act as Director General for the interim period before appointment of the ZEMA board for administrative convenience.

2. Mr Patson Zulu has been reverted back to the office of Manager Inspectorate.

3. You shall be advised in due course over the office of Manager Northern Region. However whilst Mr Nkoya has to take up the roles of the DG’s office immediately, Mr Cliff Ngwata will handle responsibilities of the office of Manager NRO till further notice.

4. The Planning Specialist, Ms Mwiche Kabwe(watchtower member) has been appointed as acting Manager Planning and Information Management for administrative convenience.
While these changes are with immediate effect, affected members of staff have been given a week, that is up to next week Friday at the most in which responsibilities could be handed over. This means that any urgent appointments already confirmed should be attended to.

· Please note that an urgent staff meeting has been called for through the Director General’s office at 08:30 hrs in the IDC for all Lusaka Staff. The outlying offices shall be advised accordingly

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