Facts about Zambia soldier killed in Sudan

The loss of our soldier is sad and regrettable. However people may not know how the incidence happened. The fact of the matter is that Zambian soldiers in Elf Asia have opted to rent a dwelling place in town for reasons best known to themselves rather than being in a UN camp which is guarded 24/7. It is very easy to be k…illed in a manner like this when North Sudan does not want UN forces on their territory.

In Darfur there is a group of light skinned terrorist group called Janjaweed who are sponsored by the Khartoum govt to cause terror and create confusion among dark black skinned North Sudanese so that they do not rise against the govt because of bad and harsh conditions they are subjected in. Janjaweed do not fight the govt of Khartoum who are their sponsors but instead steal, destroy and kill the dark black skinned North Sudanese and also fight UN forces. They are very swift in their action and the name Janjaweed means strike, steal, kill, destroy, eat, cause confusion and run away quickly.

Janjaweed drive very fast vehicles and sometimes they attack villages using horses where roads are impassable. Surprisingly Janjaweed kill men and not women but abduct them and use them for sex and carry their cattle as well.  Janjaweed is a bunch of clever light skinned Arab Sudanese.

Zambian govt should not allow our soldiers to rent houses in residential places. UN should provide them accommodation in UN camps called super camps. The reasons why our soldiers want to stay outside is to serve the allowance given by UN by renting a dwelling place. UN will pay an allowance and in return you will be requested to pay for UN accommodation and buy your own food. It is not only the soldiers but the majority of them are those from Zambia Police (ZP). The UN dwelling places are not for free and are very expensive  even though some of them do not even measure up to the standard . Elf Asia has got very good accommodation in areas called super camps which are self-contained.  Poverty has forced our soldiers and Police officers to rent for accommodation outside UN camps to serve a dollar for their families. Sometimes these officers want to enjoy unrestricted life. UN pays good allowance when on duty and Zambian govt pays officers their full salaries back home.

Zambians please do not start asking the minister (GBM) to provide you with details. There are no details involved because the Zambian soldier was just Janjaweed.  The UN will not also give you the details because the only person to account for this tragic death is the fellow Zambian soldier who was together with the deceased (MHSRIP). He is the only one who can give the real evidence of what exactly led to this tragic death.

Bloggers can now draw their conclusion after reading this story and govt to take measures to restrict our officers from renting dwelling premises outside UN camps. This is  the truth on the ground in Darfur and ignore it at your own peril.

Mwana Wakwithu

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