Failed leadership


Zambia was hoping for a better living when they voted for PF government but am here to remind you to say when a vision career dies people suffer. Now we have had the worst experience of leadership from this government, the Kwacha rate keeps failing, Electricity keeps affecting us except the state house, the government owing UNZA lecturers. we recently had the closure of CBU. No constitution NO jobs The price of fuel has gone up when every other country has reduced The price of goods going up etc in short i want to remind you zambians to say everything is miserable for us. its time now to look to God and say Ifintu ni Yesu, He is the only one who does not make fake promises of more money or jobs. We need to vote wisely next time and ask God to help Choose wisely. its time to say enough is enough and let us move forward. i wish to urge my fellow Zambian`s to seek God`s guidance and to put God ask for a leader next time and please next time someone says that they have no vision we have to understand and bear with them, let us not think they are joking because when we put them in power they can say No after seeing the package of the salary.

Wake up Zambia.


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