Failure by police to combat Crime in Lusaka

Failure by police to combat Crime in Lusaka

Dear editor,

Aimage image image imagellow me to display my disappointment towards the PF government and Zambia Police.

There has been a spate of break-ins as early as 7pm in the woodlands/chalala/Nyumba Yanga area in the past fews days. These break-ins have all been linked to one group. The group is extremely brutal and ruthless. The victims i have heard of so far have been hacked with machetes leaving them with permanent scars.

These incidents have been reported to the police but nothing has been done so far. The police is busy with political fights and protecting the already rich politicians who can afford security leaving us the ordinary Zambians at risk.

Recently an old woman from my neighbourhood was hacked in the head and had her fingers brutally cut by the same gang and she is still admitted in UTH as at now. The most disturbed thisng is that the police are just quiet about it, not even night patrols are being conducted to show concern as they have been informed several times of similar incidents. The mayor of Lusaka and the area councillor have been informed too but no one seems to care.

My appeal is to the government and the police to realise their main objective of protecting and serving the Zambian people.


Concerned Neighbour & Citizen living in fear.

(Attached are the photos of the hacked woman)

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