Failure to declare hunger a disaster is social cleansing, says Msoni

Failure to declare hunger a disaster is social cleansing, says Msoni

The refusal and procrastination by the Zambian government officials to co-operate and declare the chronic food shortages a disaster is extremely worrying and is a serious indictment on the government and in every sense of it is borderline criminal negligence which is tantamount to carrying out social cleansing.

Clearly, this behaviour by the Zambian government amounts to social cleansing without doubt, punishable by international law.

Social cleansing is a crime against humanity and is punishable by the international criminal court -ICC.

We think that the adamant Criminal suspects responsible and refusing to allow for international effort to bring-in food aid to victims of drought should now be indicated to the Hague to pave way for humanitarian assistance.

Those who bare the highest responsibility will have to be held accountable for their wilful negligence and indifference over a straightforward matter.

The looming humanitarian crisis and disaster in the drought hit areas calls for immediate concerted international effort to help avert a humanitarian disaster.

The reluctance by the Zambian government to declare a disaster has further compounded the crisis causing further untold suffering and misery.

To this end we call upon our fraternal friends from the international community to impress upon the Zambian government to immediately declare a humanitarian crisis and further urge them to appeal for international assistance for food aid before it is too late.

Nason Msoni
All peoples Congress APC

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    musalu chewe 1 week ago

    Lesa nimaliotola tamulasumina,remeber you refused national prayers on political ground,so that’s what realy God has done.You still need prayers.

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    Miles Mulenga 1 week ago

    Is that all you can do, Mr. Msoni, “call upon our fraternal friends”……?   This situation calls for ACTION, not empty words!  Now you are just as bad as the PF government, is not having anything meaningful to offer. Shame on you!

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    samlindo 1 week ago

    it is Egos at play, the only reason PF can not declare hanger a national disaster even if it clearly is a national disaster is because HH foresaw this and alerted the PF even before it became worse, now since the hatred for HH in PF is now overflowing, they can not accept a fact that has been put forward by the incoming president because to then it means being defeated, they are not using their brains but their ego’s. For the rest of us Zambians, we know that hunger is a national disaster currently but for the PF it is not, hence since they do not see what we see, we should call them blind and thus give them the boot because a blind leader is a dangerous leader. it is like a blind supporter who will end up supporting a wrong team (ATI TAMWESA KANSI BAMIMWESA (MEANING WE HAVE SCORED YET YOU HAVE BEEN SCORED).