‘Failure to pay ambassadors Shameful’

‘Failure to pay ambassadors Shameful’

The  failure by the Zambian government to pay allowances to envoys representing our Country abroad makes sad reading.

But what is even perturbing behaviour is that this same government is busy pushing for the reintroduction of deputy Ministers another super structure requiring resources through the infamous bill 10. And yet it is plainly failing to meet its subsisting financial obligations to those serving the Country in foreign missions.

The failure to pay allowances to diplomats is absolutely shameful and extremely embarrassing to the country.

This behaviour absolutely stinks and in a way is putting our envoys in an awkward and vulnerable position being in foreign Countries thereby rendering them destitute.

It speaks for itself that this government has miserably failed to manage and ran state affairs looking at the catalogue of failures.

At no time has any Previous Zambian government failed to support and supplement the effort of these gallant men and women who are representing our great Country.

We denounce this conduct in the strongest term and demand that our envoys be paid all their outstanding allowances in line with their terms and conditions of service.

The payment of allowances should not be viewed as a privilege but it is an entitlement and a necessity for them to meet their social and economic obligations.

Zambia will not have destitute diplomats manning foreign missions abroad.
Nason Msoni
All peoples Congress APC

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