Fairview hospital shut to give Rupiah business

Fairview hospital shut to give Rupiah business

Dr Desai

Medical sources contend that the shutting of Fairview Hospital is to make way for another upmarket hospital opening near Levy Mall.

Rupiah Banda and his personal doctor, Shaileen Desai(of Victoria Hospital) are opening a new upmarket hospital at Prof. Nkanza ‘s laboratories.

Desai has since partnered with renowned lab-Lancet to provide lab support service to this new hospital.

Following the death of Prof Nkanza, Desai and Rupiah Banda bought the franchise and are opening a new hospital targeting the lucrative middle class market.

It is for this reason that the few mistakes that occurred at Fairview are being orchestrated to justify the closure.

“If the authorities are serious about negligence treatment and deaths that occur or expired drugs, they would have shut UTH and Ndola Hospitals. It’s a mere gimmick by powerful forces to remove competition and pave way for Rupiah Banda’s Hospital” a source close to the Plot revealed.

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