Fairview Hotel Beverage manager tries to rape trainee student

Dear Editor,

It happened on or about Saturday the 1st of December 2012.

The trainee student who happens to a first year was among a group of other students who were servicing an outside catering event for the Hotel. The event ended a bit late and the young lady happened to be stranded with transport in the evening as her home is far in Makeni.

Mr Mundolongo heard from people that the young lady had started off alone. At this point he called her telling her to wait for him, that he would give her a lift as he was also headed the same way as her.

Before he met with her, he quickly made arrangements at a named guest house for a room. When he finally linked up with her, he lied to her that there was something work related that he wanted to do at the said guest house  she followed along as he was just her boss and there was no need to worry. When the got there asked to accompany him to one of the rooms were a colleague he said was waiting, he told he wanted her to help him chose something. When they got to the room the situation was different, as soon as she got in he quickly locked her in and started saying how much he wanted her, at this point he started making advances on her of a sexual nature attempting to kiss her… he said “he wanted to her just a bit”… the young and vulnerable lady resisted his advances and threatened to report him, after a long time of jolsting, he finally gave up and started pleading with her that she should not tell anyone about it.
They left the guesthouse together in his car and when he stopped at a service station she left his car and ran away to safety… she called his assistant Mr. Mumbi who ill advised her saying she should not report the matter as it would ruin his life, the fact that Mr. Mundolongo is married with kids and that he was a family man.

What puzzles people is that this pervert or rapist did not think of his family and wife when he attempted to rape the young lady… fortunately enough the young lady managed to record Mr. Mundolongo on her mobile phone… this recording is now circulating at Fairview HTTI. The hotel authority has since issued Mr. Mundolongo with an exculpatory latter. With a man holding such a position at the hotel and so many young ladies training there one wonders just how many trainees he has been able to take advantage of, mostly these young ladies are vulnerable and can be easily coerced into immoral sexual activities by a man like Mr. Mundolongo.

Its my prayer that this story be published online and be reported on the media, I am an advocate against gender based violence and it hurts me to see things like this happening even in places where young ladies are supposed to be protected. Kindly take action on this matter let the people know this man should be fired from the hotel, the hotel authority should not step on this issue only then will our young ladies, our cousins, sisters, friends, nieces and daughters be protected. Please take action, this is your area.

Concerned worker

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