Fake designer goods seized in UK donated to Zambia

A haul of fake designer clothing and bedding worth thousands of pounds and seized by Gwynedd trading standards officers has been donated to deprived communities in Zambia, according to the BBC.

The donation includes fake Adidas tracksuits, Converse shoes, Ralph Lauren shirts and Rayban sunglasses.

The National Police Aid Convoy will distribute the goods, which have been collected over eight years.

Illegally branded goods cannot be distributed in the UK.

John Eden Jones, fair trading officer for Gwynedd council, said: “It is generally very difficult to obtain any form of redress against the seller of counterfeit goods.

“The trade in these illegal goods deprives Gwynedd businesses who sell the genuine article of the income needed to maintain their business.

“We are very pleased one of the world’s most deprived countries will benefit from our investigations.”


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