Fake RTSA receipts at Nakonde and Mr Mpandachulu’s wealth

Dear Editor,

The government is losing billions of kwachas on a daily basis at Nakonde RTSA office.

There seems to be a syndicate of issuing fraudulent RTSA road toll receipts by the RTSA officers manning the Nakonde office.

This syndicate starts from the Lusaka office where they issue extra original RTSA receipts books which are not recorded as having been sent to Nakonde but are just sent from Lusaka to Nakonde office secretly and separately from the recorded butches of receipt books.

Now what happens is that those receipt books are used side by side with the recorded ones.

One of the RATSA officers named MR MILEMBO MPANDACHULU has amassed a lot of money and runs a fleet of buses operating on Nakonde-Kasama route and has a fleet of 10 Rosa buses operating under the names: Royal Class Bus Services and Mucha Family Buses.

According to the sources close to him, he also has another fleet of Rosa buses operating in Chipata and are being run by his father.

Please can ACC and DEC investigate this man as the government is losing a lot of billions out of this syndicate.

Name withheld

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