Fake Teachers exposed in Kasama

Dear Editor,
Allow us space on your widely followed Facebook page in Zambia to share with the rest of the nation the happenings in the education sector in Northern Province.
We wish to bring to light that many fake teachers recruited by PF government were yesterday exposed in Kasama after a thorough scrutiny of their qualifications.
Most of the masquerades believed to be relatives to PF minions were shocked with tight security put in place by Ministry of Education at the screening centre.
To the embarrassment of PF government, bogus teachers were chased from Kasama Girls School Hall for having questionable qualifications. Many of them had no Grade 12 certificates while other failed to
produce college certificates/diplomas/degrees to back their employment in government.
Despite all this, we hearts go out to ACC officers working hand-in-hand with officials from Ministry of Education for out-rightly rejecting fake teachers sent to Northern Province.
What is even more consoling is that union leaders who were present at the screening centre also confirmed massive irregularities in the recruitment of so-called teachers and all this points to corruption in
the system.
We only hope that the chasing away of fake teachers in Kasama will open eyes of those in PF government to do the right thing and employ qualified teachers to meet the needs of understaffed schools in our province.
Concerned Teachers
(Names withheld)

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