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ZWD Disclaimer: The assertions contained in the following write up belong to the authors, who wish to be anonymous, and not ZWD.

“The truth pains,” goes the hackneyed maxim. The last time we produced an article about Sata’s family forest, instead of dispelling the allegation in a candid and rational manner; the minister of home affairs at the time, Edgar Lungu, went ballistic! He called for an urgent press briefing in his office and accused those behind the authorship of the article in question of high treason! Thank God, we now have a new minister of home affairs. Being an intellectual and a person of sober character that he is, we believe this article isn’t going to send Dr. Simbyakula into a fit a of anger and start issuing threats but it shall instead compel him to start asking the same questions as every Zambian of analytical mind is doing.

Hon. Lungu, what is treasonous about writing about the truth? Is it because you are part of the establishment that you have deliberately elected to blind yourself to the blatant tribalism and nepotism being shamelessly practiced by your PF government?

Mindful that this article might not still go down well with some people, particularly hare-brained individuals, this time we have conducted a thorough research to demonstrate that President Sata is indeed presiding upon the most clannish government that this nation has ever witnessed! After the first article on this subject, one would have thought President Sata would listen and change for the better but alas, as opposition ABZ leader Father Frank Bwalya once succinctly observed, Mr. Sata is indeed a chumbu munshololwa – he has ignominiously continued adding on more clans-mates to his already bloated cabinet with impunity; the latest being the ones he swore in yesterday even when he should be resting.

It’s quite appalling that even when evidence is adduced regarding the manner the PF government is wantonly failing to distribute the national cake fairly, anyone who dares point out such deficiencies is threatened with life imprisonment or indeed branded “bitter, jealousy, petty!” by The Post newspaper in league with PF officials. Isn’t this symptomatic of a brutal and insensitive regime eager to suffocate divergent views?
According to the 2010 census report, the country’s population stood at 13, 046,508 (of course the population has since shot to 14 million) distributed as follows:
Central: 1,267,803
Eastern: 1,958,623
Copperbelt: 1,707,731
Luapula 958, 976
Lusaka: 2,198,996
Muchinga This was before the province was created
Northern 1,759,600
N/western 706,462
Southern 1,606,793
Western 881,524

Going by these figures; we can safely say the four provinces – Northern, Muchinga, Luapula and parts of Central, which we shall henceforth refer to as the Bemba speaking block (BSB), roughly represent 25% of the country’s total population.

As you will shockingly discover from the information tendered hereunder, the President has continually overlooked 75% of the rest of the population when making appointments to his government. Perhaps the President is fully aware of people’s dissatisfaction hence retorting that he doesn’t balance tribes but brains when swearing-in Patricia Daka Jere and Francis Kamanga as permanent secretaries for Ministries of Justice and Works, Supply, Transport and Communications, respectively, sometime last year at State House.

Is the President surely suggesting that he can’t identify individuals with exceptional skills and talents in the rest of 75 % of the population?
What about intellectual giants and captains of the industry such as the likes of Nga’ndu Magande, Muna Ndulo, Prof. Hansungule, Kazhila Chinsembu, Field Ruwe, Oliver Saasa, Costain Chilala and Enock Kavindele? Is it because these people belong to the wrong tribes according to him?

One is tempted to suspect that this is well thought-out and calculated plan to give the BSB a leap jump far ahead of everyone in terms of power and education so as to ensure that the rest of the country remains in total subjugation of the BSB for a long time to come.
Should Zambians continue sleeping as the President wittingly builds his “Bemba Empire” in government? Fellow citizens, there are several parliamentary by-elections that are underway across the country, lets us teach the PF government that tribalism and nepotism has no place in our beloved country. And elections finally come in 2016; let us flush the PF a red card!

President Michael Sata’s cabinet
Vice President – Guy Scott ; Finance – Alexander Chikwanda; Defence – Edgar Lungu; Home affairs – Ngosa Simbyakula; Mines & energy – Christopher Yaluma; Local government & housing – Emmanuel Chenda; Works, transport, supply & communications – Yanfwa Mukanga; Foreign – Harry Kalaba; Justice – Wynter Kabimba; Health – Joseph Kasonde; Community services, mother & child – Emerine Kabanshi; Tourism & Culture – Jean Kapata; Commerce & industry – Bob Siching; Information – Joseph Katema; Sport, youth & child development – Chishimba Kambwili; Chiefs & Traditional affairs – Nkandu Luo; Lands Mwansa Kapeya, Agriculture – Wilbur Simuusa, Secretary to the cabinet – Roland Msiska but brother in marriage, Deputy secretary Peter Kasanda.

How many times have President Sata and his senior ministers unfairly and wrongly accused UPND, particularly its leader Hakainde Hichilema of being tribal? Carefully analyse Sata’s cabinet and then compare it with the UPND national management committee or indeed the MMD national executive committee. At least these parties can boast of having a national character unlike the PF government which is dominated by the Bemba speaking group. We wonder whether individuals such as Wynter Kabimba, Wilbur Simuusa, Jean Kapata and Inonge Wina feel at home in the company of such characters or is it a question of sebana wikute as is common with Zambian politics? Although he may not be a likeable person, sometimes we even feel sorry for poor Wynter Kabimba; he should probably use some of his friends in the intelligence community to eavesdrop what his colleagues say about him. He would drop dead with shock and horror! “Teti tusuminishe umutundu wumbi ututeke!” many of them would vow. Roughly translated, this would mean “we can’t allow another tribe to rule us!”
Allow us to take you through a number of government institutions; you will find this information sickening – what is so special about individuals from the BSB that first priority must be given to them when making appointments to important government positions?

Press & public relations – George Chellah
Economic & development affairs – Paul Siame
Principal Private Secretary – Francis Chalabesa
Senior Private Secretary – Gershom Siame
Personal physician – Chishimba Lumbwe
Camera man – Thomas Nsama
Commissioner of police at state house – Philemon Mutale

We shall refer to State house as a citadel of the King of the BSB. We believe this is where the King and his team of advisors plot on how they are going to maintain the Bemba hegemony. State House is clearly out of bounds for other tribes!

Clerk of the national assembly – Doris Katebe (Mrs. Mwinga) (Northern)
Director of Public Prosecutions – Mutembo Nchito (Northern)
Attorney General – Musa Mwenye (Luapula)
Solicitor General – Abraham Mwansa (Northern)
Auditor General – Anna Chifungula (Northern)
Chief Justice – Lombe Chibesakunda (Northern)
Secretary to the treasury – Fredson Yamba (Northern)

Finance – Pamela Chibonga and Felix Nkulukusa; Director – national planning – Chola Chabala
Cabinet office – Anne Sinyangwe
Defence – Rose Salukatula and Charity Mwamba
Home affairs – Emelda Chola
Local government & housing – Stanford Msichili
Health – Peter Mwaba
Mines & energy – Charity Mwansa and Paul Chanda
Foreign Affairs – George Zulu
Education, science &vocational training – Chishimba Nkosha and Patrick Nkanza
Community services, mother & child – Erwin Chomba
Gender & child development – Daisy Ngambi
Sport & youth – Agnes Musunga
Lands & natural resources – I’nutu Suba
Commerce, trade & industry – Stephen Mwansa
Gender & child development – Precious Ng’onga
Transport – Charity Kaande Ngoma
Private Secretary in office of vice president – Evaristo Mwila
Provincial Permanent Secretaries
Eastern province – Chilesha Mulenga
Muchinga province – Bwalya Nga’ndu
Lusaka province – Martin Muwana
Copperbelt province – Howard Sikwela
Luapula province – Chanda Kasolo
Northern province – Hlobota Nkunika
Western province – Bert Mushala
N/western province – Amos Malupenga
Southern province – Margret Miyoba
Central provincial – Edwidge Mutale
Half of the provincial permanent secretaries are evidently part of the Bemba speaking group.
Heads of commissions & regulatory boards
BOZ Governor Michael Gondwe, Deputy Governor operations – vacant but previously held by Bwalya Ngandu, Deputy Governor administration – Tukiya Kankasa-Mabula, Regional Director (Northern region) – Patrick Mulenga
Prisons Service Commission – Percy Chato
National Pension Scheme Authority – Charles Mpundu
Police Public Complaints Commission – James Mwanakatwe
Local Government Service Commission – Stephen Mushinge
Road Development Agency – Bernard Chiwala Director; Regional manager – Padeki Chabala, Board Chairman – Willie Nsanda
Zambia Public Procurement Authority – Chibelushi Musongole
Food Reserve Agency – CEO Chola Kafwabulula
Energy Regulation Board – CEO Langiwe Lungu, Chairman George Chabwera
Zambia Development Agency – CEO Florence Mumba
Commissioner of Lands – Barnaby Mulenga
Teaching Service Commission – Chairperson Jennifer Chiwela
Disaster Management & Mitigation Unit – National Coordinator Patrick Kangwa
Zambia Information & Communications Authority – CEO Margaret Chalwe (Mrs. Mudenda); Board Chairman Emmanuel Musonda
Zambia Agency for People with Disabilities – Director General Felix Silwimba
Rural Electrification Agency – CEO Geoffrey Musonda
National AIDS Council – Chairman Joshua Banda
National Arts Council – Chairperson Mulenga Kapwepwe
National Sports Council of Zambia – Chairman Mwamba Kalenga
Securities & Exchange Commission – CEO Wala Chabala
National Road Fund Agency – CEO Anthony Mwanaumo
Tobacco Board of Zambia – Chairman Samson Muyembe
Legal & Justice Sector Reforms Commission – Chairman Frederick Chomba
Human Rights Commission – Director Florence Chibwesha
Zambia Tourism Board Director General Felix Chaila
Local Government Service Commission – Chairman Stephen Mushinge
Central Statistical Office – Director General John Kalumbi
Pharmaceutical Regulatory Authority – Chairman Esnart Mwape
Zambia Revenue Authority – CEO Berlin Msiska; Chairman Charles L. Mutemwa
Zambia Institute for Environmental Management – CEO Morgan Katati
Water Resources Management Authority Director General Paul Kapotwe
Securities & Exchange Commission Chairperson Chintu Mulendema
Lusaka Stock Exchange – CEO Brian Tembo
National Youth Development Council – Chairman Saviour Chishimba
With the exception of a few of President Sata’s tribal cousins such as Michael Gondwe, Brian Tembo, Berlin Msiska and Joshua Banda, readers will shockingly notice that all the CEOs and Chairmen of commissions and quasi government institutions are from the Bemba speaking block!

Defence chiefs & heads of security
Zambia Army – Commander Paul Mihova; but Deputy Army Commander and chief of staff -– Major General Topply Lubaya
Zambia Air Force – Lieutenant General Eric Chimense
Zambia National Service – Major General Nathan Mulenga
Intelligence – Martin Mwanambale
Inspector-general of Police – Stella Libongani; Deputy IG Solomon Jere
Anti Corruption Commission – Rosewin Wandi
Drug Enforcement Commission – Commissioner General Alita Mbahwe; Deputy Commissioner General – Lottie Mpundu

That Paul Mihova, a Luvale from N/western province continues to remain commander of the Zambia army is quite impressive, we suspect there may be a strong family tie that we may not be aware of. At DEC there is also a non BSB in charge but she just had to be “policed” by someone from BSB like her colleague at the Zambia Army to ensure that the interests of the BSB are protected.

Provincial Police Commissioners
Lusaka – Lemmy Kajoba
Copperbelt – Joyce Kasosa
Southern – Mary Chikwanda
Northern – Charity Katanga
Luapula – Malcolm Mulenga
N/western – Eugene Sibote
Muchinga – Bonnie Kapeso
Central – Standwell Lungu
Eastern – Grace Chipalila
Western – Lombe Kamukoshi
70% of provincial police commissioners are all from Bemba speaking people!

Development Bank of Zambia – CEO – Jacob Lushinga; Board Chairman – Robert Chomba
National Savings & Credit Bank – CEO Cephas Chabu; Board chairman – Chiselebwe N’gandu
Zesco – CEO – Cyprian Chitundu (Northern); Board Chairman – vacant
Zambia Telecommunications Corporation – Mupanga Mwanakatwe; Chairperson Wynter Kabimba
Zambia Postal Services Corporation – Macpherson Chanda; Chairperson – Elizabeth Kachamba
Zambia State Insurance Corporation – George Silutongwe; Chairperson – FM Ndilila
Zambia Daily Mail – Isaac Chipampe; Chairperson Mizinga Melu
Times of Zambia – Godfrey Malama; Chairperson Michael Musonda
Zambia Railways – CEO Muyenga Atanga; Chairman Davies Chama
Zambia National Building Society – CEO Joseph Chikolwa; Board Chairman Goodwell Kapema
NAPSA – CEO Charles Mpundu; Board Chairman – Teddy Mulonga previously held byJoseph Chikolwa

Surprisingly, we finally have someone from N/western and Southern provinces as board chairpersons for NAPSA and Zambia Daily Mail, respectively otherwise the rest are all from the family forest – the Bemba speaking block. Although the position of board chairman at ZESCO is still vacant, it was previously held by Frank Bwalya, another member of the Bemba speaking block. The President has probably run out of folks from BSB to fill up the position.

Permanent representative to UN – Mwaba Kasese
Permanent representative to Switzerland – Encyla Tina Sinjele
United States of America – Palan Mulonda; Deputy – Ben Kangwa
Germany – Bwalya Chiti
China – Getrude Kasuba Mwape
United Kingdom – Paul Lumbi
Russia – Solomon Mbuzi
Japan – Mwelwa Chibesakunda
Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg & EU – Grace Mutale Kabwe
Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania – Edith Mutale
India – Susan Sikaneta
Italy – Frank Mutubila
Turkey – Mirriam Mwape Mulenga
South Africa – Muyeba S. Chikonde
Egypt – Ali Simwinga
Angola – Barbra Chilangwa
Saudi Arabia – Ibrahim Mumba
Botswana – Robert Mataka
Ghana – Timothy Walamba
Zimbabwe – Ndiyoyi Mutiti
Kenya – Josephine Mumbi Phiri
North Korea – Mumba Kapumpa
Namibia – Wendy Sinkala
Malawi Salome Mwanakatwe

Although an important station such as Washington DC has been allocated to Palan Mulonda, a non BSB, like in the case of the Zambia Army, of course a member of the BSB had to be his deputy to keep an eye on him. Consider how the President still ensures that members of the BSB maintain a foothold in all the rest of the important missions.
In conclusion, we would like to urge President Sata to do a bit of soul searching and think about his legacy. What is he going to be remembered for? Is he going to go down the annals of history as the one that sow the bitter seed of polarization in our beloved nation? We believe KK is your mentor Mr. President Sir; at least one thing you can learn from him is properly balancing your government on tribal lines – despite his dictatorial tendencies, he managed to keep the 73 tribes in peace and harmony.
Readers are free to update the list.

By disgusted citizens!

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