Family fraud at RDA

Family fraud at RDA


Ba watchdog please help us expose fraud at RDA before it is too late. Mwape the CEO and his wife Lydia Mwape are running down the institution. It is painful for us as unionised workers to go months without an increment when one family is abusing public resources in the manner they are doing. The construction they are doing across the country is with the help of double payments to contractors which Mwape and his wife Lydia, Senior Manager have been making since the husband assumed office.

The stealing is well known by the majority in the agency but senior management has been trying to frantically cover the matter up. Workers are being suppressed and intimidated in many ways as RDA is politically sensitive. Mwape and his wife Lydia running the institution from the bedroom but working together with some one at NRFA have been making double payments to contractors. It is alleged that the duplicated payment is being shared by the trio. The Mwape family is in a hurry to loot knowing the husband Elias will not be there for long as a CEO. Mwape has always been on the move making allowances at the expense of us especially unionised workers. Anti-corruption please extend your investigation to payments to contractors at RDA, stealing that management has been trying to conceal because it involves the CEO and his family.

Ba Zambia watchdog you are the only one who can help to tell the country what is happening in RDA. There is more to write about but I would rather investigators reveal these things so I do not sound malicious.

Concerned citizen

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