‘Farmers’ deflate DEC car

Angry Kabobola residents yesterday allegedly punctured a Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) vehicle after officers parked it as they raided some homes where cannabis was being sold.

The officers, led by Officer in Charge, Patson Chiwala, were shocked to find their vehicle tyres deflated by angry residents who disappeared after puncturing all the four tyres with sharp instruments.

The development forced Mr Chiwala to hire a private car to transport two suspects who were apprehended for trafficking in cannabis to Mazabuka Police Station.

His handymen had to remain to guard the vehicle as he rushed the suspects to the Police Station and bring a rescue vehicle to toll the government vehicle to a garage where the tryes were mended and fixed back to the vehicle.

Meanwhile, Mr Chiwala last evening assembled another team of DEC officers and arrested a woman for trafficking in illicit drugs. This was after the tryes for the vehicle had been mended.

And Mazabuka District Commissioner, Tyson Hamaamba, said the hostility to DEC officers among residents over the arrests of people trafficking in cannabis would not be tolerated by the government.

Mr Hamaamba said the hostility signifies the impact the Drug Enforcement Commission has made in the district.

Over the weekend, Mr Hamaamba expressed worry at the high proportion of cannabis cultivation in the district and urged DEC to declare war against illicit drug dealers.

Mr Hamammba said the number of people arrested and sent to jail for trafficking in psychotrophic drugs is worrying.

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