Farmers storm Kitwe DC’s office over non-payment of money

Farmers storm Kitwe DC’s office over non-payment of money

Farmers who supplied maize to the Food Reserve Agency today stormed the Kitwe district Commissioner’s office in protest for non- payment of their dues.

The farmers from Kitwe and Lufwanyama districts complained that they need their money for them to buy the farming inputs for this year’s farming season.

They wondered why the banks were not paying them after Vice president Dr Guy Scott announced that government had released the money for the farmers to be paid immediately.

The farmers further complained that they had been spending a lot of money on transport coming to town to check for their money while others have been sleeping in Chisokone market as they could not afford commuting to town every day.

They called on government to intervene in the matter so that they are paid quickly.

They narrated that they had been told that banks could not pay them as they have not yet received a list of names for farmers who should be paid and the amounts from the Food Reserve Agency.

But Kitwe District Commissioner who addressed them assured them that he was going to follow up on the matter and ensure that the hiccups and the bureaucracy surrounding the matter were solved and the farmers receive their money.

Mr Kamanga said government will ensure that they get their payment by mid-week.

He added that government was still committed to ensuring that farmers are paid for the maize they supplied to the Food Reserve agency.

And Kitwe District Agriculture Coordinator Raphael Munyaule also confirmed that the money for paying the farmers had been released and FRA has already started paying farmers except that not all farmers could be paid at the same time.

Dr Muyaule also assured farmers that they will all be paid soon.

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