Fast track: Kapoko acquitted in another case

Former Ministry of Health Human Resource Manager Henry Kapoko and his uncle, Robert Kalimi have been acquitted in a case involving three hundred million kwacha theft.

Magistrate Rodgers Kaoma acquitted the duo on account of insufficient evidence.

Magistrate Kaoma noted that the prosecution witnesses failed to establish alleged fraudulent payments made to Rojo Limited, the company owned by Kapoko’s uncle following the supply of training material for midwives and nurses at the ministry of Health.

He also said the persons who approved the payments were not brought to court to testify as to whether they concerted to the payments or not.

This is the second case in which Kapoko is being acquitted.

He was first acquitted of a theft case involving One point nine billion kwacha in October. His uncle Kalimi has already been sent into diplomatic service by president Michael Sata.


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