Faustina Sinyangwe warns Namugala

Faustina Sinyangwe warns Namugala

Catherine-Namugala-350x274MMD Women National Chairperson Faustina Sinyangwe has warned her predecessor Catherine Namugala to desist from issuing unwarranted attacks on the MMD leadership.

Mrs. Sinyangwe says Ms. Namugala is no longer a member of the MMD following her expulsion and that her attempts to call for a national convention are lacking in the ideals provided for in the party constitution.

She says Ms Namugala’s motives to fight the MMD through a parallel structure are an act of selfishness and will not yield positive results.

Mrs. Sinyangwe adds that for as far as the MMD is concerned, the next national convention will take place in 2016 and that there is no crisis that would warrant an extra ordinary National executive Committee (NEC) convention.

Mrs. Sinyangwe was speaking at a media briefing in Lusaka this morning.

And speaking at the same occasion, MMD national treasurer Mwansa Mbulakulima has clarified that MMD president Nevers Mumba is not on any salary or allowance for being party president.

Mr. Mbulakulima who is also Chembe Member of Parliament says Dr. Mumba’s services as party president are purely out of sacrifice.

He says allegations by Ms. Namugala that the MMD leader is demanding more contributions from MMD parliamentarians to sustain his lucrative life are unfounded.



The Deputy National Secretary, National Executive Committee Members (NEC), the Provincial, District and Constituency leadership, members of the press, Ladies and Gentlemen.

Catherine Namugala’s public revelation on ZNBC Television on Friday in Parliament during the Vice President’s question time that, she is a member of the Patriotic Front (PF) was not a slip of the tongue! Her true colours have come out in the open, the Bible says, “out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.”

Hon. Namugala has been calling for a convention.  Let me remind her of what the MMD Constitution states.  There are two ways in which a convention could be summoned according to Article 14:


(i)                   A regular convention of the party takes place once every 5 years and it has to be summoned by NEC three months prior to its meeting.

(ii)                An extra ordinary convention, according to Article 15 of our constitution NEC may on its own initiative or at the request of at least one third of the provincial committee call for an extra ordinary convention.

MMD had an extra ordinary convention when we were electing the President which was called for by NEC.  The next regular meeting will be called in 2016.

For your information we have about 260 members of the provincial committees.  At least a minimum of 3 provinces of full executive committee.  This would translate to 87 people from the provincial executive committee.

Hon Namugala has not gotten these numbers and there is no crisis in the party that would warrant the summoning of the extra ordinary convention.

Unfortunately whether Namugla likes it or not, she is no longer a member of the MMD, she has been expelled. Her ranting only serves to prove that she is a hired hand of PF. I wish to give Namugla a very timely warning that she must leave Dr. Nevers Mumba and the MMD leadership alone and just continue working for her masters in the PF.

As a woman she should be seen to be behaving in more and reasonable  manner in her political maneuvers which are doing nothing but lowering her standing in society.

Her treachery in dealing with the issue of the Presidency and leadership of the MMD shows that all she has in her heart is bitterness, hatred and unfetted greed for power.

I wish to advise Catherine Namugala to reserve whatever semblance  of respect she might have left by desisting from her childish and unwarranted attacks on a leadership and party she no longer belong to. May I also use this opportunity to urge my fellow Zambians not to be duped by her deliberate attempt to just mislead the people by being very economical with truth.

Namugala wants to stand up and claim that she is the only true MMD!  Let me state very categorically, that there is only one MMD Party  in this country at the moment and that is the one that Dr. Nevers Mumba in heading as President. Members are bonafide members as long as they have willingly officially joined MMD and are loyal and follow the rules of the Party. They don’t need to be founder members to “true” MMD, looking at issues in that manner is not only but also lacking in proper grounding in political matters.

Catherine Namugala seems to have  contracted the same sickness as that of her paymasters, telling lies with straight face.  It’s not only deceitful behavior but also totally shameless. She is busy wanting to deliberately cause confusion in the MMD pretending to be fighting for its survival by running a parallel Secretariat with her equally misguided accomplices, when we all know that this is born out of purely selfish motives.  Her claims that MPs are  leaving the MMD because of Dr. Mumba’s leadership style are totally misplaced and mischievous  and deliberately meant to mislead the people. Our friend seems to have a rather short memory.

It must be pointed out that for one who pretends to have the monopoly of intelligence.  Its rather surprising that she thinks she can hoodwink the people that Members of Parliament are leaving MMD due to Dr. Mumba style of leadership when it’s on record for everyone who cares  to research in the Zambian political history that nine (9) Members of Parliament who accepted Ministerial positions did  so during President Banda’s time.

It’s a fact that all the NEC Members that were elected at the Convention were still with the MMD as we speak except for Namugala herself and Major Richard Kachingwe  who have been expelled. If she is  that clever as we are  being made to believe she could have freely advised that Dr, Mumba be excluded  from participating in the deliberation.

As it turns out, she freely participated and was busy campaigning for another candidate and never complained. So what has changed?

My word of advise is that Catherine Namugala should leave the MMD alone and go join her party of choice, the PF. We can do better without her confusion and total lack of respect for the leadership, general membership of the Party.   She wants to pretend she cares about and yet is spending sleepless nights planning to destroy, which I must say is a futile attempt.  We can only wish the party that is receiving her the best of good luck!

In conclusion, Namugala should not pretend to be ignorant of the fact that when the MMD lost the elections in 2011 it was not Dr. Nevers Mumba who was at the helm of the party.  In any case elections are won or lost for a number of reasons and cannot necessarily be attributed to a party being finished.  Namugala would be well advised to take a leaf from people like Kabwata Member of Parliament Honourable Given Lubinda who despite the problems he has had with his party, has never come out to issue any disparaging remarks against President Sata and his Leadership.  Namugala has lost the opportunity to sit down with the MMD and discuss issues in a mature and non confrontational manner with a view of building the party, other than the manner in which she has behaved because she has a hidden selfish agenda that she is pushing.  Unfortunately this will not take her anywhere.

Ladies and gentlemen I thank you.


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