FAZ explains what happened at ZNBC

The statement is published on the FAZ website:

Following news articles by the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) about the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) and FAZ Communications Manager Erick Mwanza in relation to the outcome of the Zurich meeting and alleged events surrounding the same, we wish to state for the record that at no time did Mr. Mwanza storm ZNBC newsroom and/or attack any journalists in any way.

Mr. Mwanza went to ZNBC news studios on the evening of 20th December 2010 to avail the ZNBC news crew with a statement of the correct information relating to an erroneous and fabricated news article aired by the station on its 19:00hours main TV news.

ZNBC misinformed the football fraternity and nation as a whole by broadcasting of that untruthful story in which they alleged that FIFA and/or FAZ had called for elections at the next FAZ annual meeting of 2011. (Correct statements available at www.fifa.com and www.fazfootball.com)

Mr. Mwanza’s visit was in the company of other members of FAZ and his interaction with ZNBC personnel present in the studio – Mr. Chris Bwalya and a Ms Lucy was done in a cordial and friendly manner characterized by an open and frank discussion.

Ms Lucy went further to show Mr. Mwanza and others in the newsroom the copy of the news article she was doing on her PC to correct the false story broadcast on the main news. Earlier, other conversations were held between Mr. Mwanza and ZNBC news manager Yvette Tembo who was advised on the phone to get a correct statement on FAZ from the FIFA website and not to broadcast a false version of the outcome of the Zurich meeting.

Further to that Mr. Mwanza spoke to Mr. Chris Chilongo, ZNBC Director of Marketing and Mr. Reuben Kajokoto, ZNBC Director of Programmes on the fictitious sports news item. ZNBC Duty Manager Justin Nshimbi also spoke with Mr. Mwanza and undertook to correct the story; apologies of which we understand were aired on subsequent ZNBC news bulletins.

FAZ Acting General Secretary Mr. Sam Phiri also wrote to the ZNBC Director General on the same article. Said Mr. Mwanza: “If in any way our visit to the ZNBC newsroom, mine in particular inconvenienced and caused them to be upset in any way, I and FAZ tender an apology to the entire corporation, and indeed nation who may have been distressed with the news articles broadcast about me and FAZ in relation to the outcome of the 20 December Zurich meeting.”

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