FAZ explains why it snubbed NSCZ meeting

The Football Association of Zambia wants to state that the meeting between the National Sports Council of Zambia and FAZ was for the national soccer governing federation Executive Committee to engage with the NSCZ on preparations for next week’s AGM. It did not require any other members of FAZ to be inattendance especially that they are not part of the ExCo. The FAZ ExCo represents all its members and affiliates.

As such the meeting which was scheduled for Tuesday 15 March 2011 at Nasdec was exclusive to the President of FAZ and his Executive Committee members and any representatives of the Council. There was no need to have any other FAZ members and affiliates such as the newly appointed chairman of Kabwe Warriors and an official of Amakumbi Stars. Should there have been need for any FAZ members to be present, notices and circulars should probably have been sent to all the over 260 affiliates. That however would not have been necessary as the FAZ AGM next weekend provides a platform for the football family.

It is important to note that FAZ has adequate channels through which it deals with matters of any of its members including Kabwe Warriors and Amakumbi officials. All FAZ members and affiliates enjoy same and equal privileges and rights and not one has a special status.

FAZ further wishes to state that continued attempts any anybody and any institution to refer to a few individuals as being a group/interim executive or whatever name might be used to call any such few individuals are in vain and an attempt in futility.

There is only one Executive Committee headed by African soccer legend and CAF Executive Committee Member Kalusha Bwalya.

The so-called interim committee of Andrew Kamanga and Simataa Simataa does not exist and is only perpetuated by persons bent on bringing anarchy into the game and dragging the country’s football image into disorder and disrepute.

FIFA has repeatedly made it clear prior to, during and after the meeting of 20 December 2010 in Zurich that there was no interim committee in Zambia. Subsequent letters from the House of Football in Zurich have restated that fact with the recent one of 11th March 2011 addressed to Mr Andrew Kamanga stopping him from writing to FIFA directly but to channel all matters through FAZ. This is because FIFA deals with all matters through respective national federations and not individuals.

In conclusion, FAZ would like to advise the entire football family and nation as a whole that preparations for the Saturday 26 March AGM are progressing extremely well.

We are pleased with the support, confirmations and enthusiasm from affiliates across the country. We therefore look forward to successfully executing business of this AGM and continuing on the development path that has set Zambian football on a path of glory.

For further details contact FAZ Communications Manager Erick Mwanza at Football House or log on to www.fazfootball.zom



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