FAZ sues Simataa, Finance Bank

The Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) has sued Simataa Simataa and Finance Bank Zambia for freezing its US Dollar and Kwacha accounts.
FAZ is seeking damages from Simataa Simataa who has been sued as first defendant.
FAZ is also seeking damages and other relief the court may deem fit from Finance bank for closing its accounts without instructions from signatories.
Simataa, a former Finance Bank employee wrote letters to Finance bank instructing the bank to close FAZ accounts for some unclear reasons. Simataa is not a signatory of FAZ accounts. Finance bank immediatelly blocked FAZ signatories from withdrawing money thereby affecting the adminstration of football in Zambia.
FAZ says in its statement of claim that Finance bank obeyed orders from Simataa without express or implied instructions from the owners of the accounts.

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