USA looking for Zambian woman who defrauded D.C. Medicaid out of $525 000

USA looking for Zambian woman who defrauded D.C. Medicaid out of $525 000

The American authorities are searching for Patricia Chisanga, who is wanted for defrauding hundreds of thousands of dollars from Medicaid.
The elaborate plan began in D.C. and included the 33-year-old’s boyfriend, who has already pleaded guilty.
Chisanga is now on the inspector general’s most wanted fugitive list.
Authorities say Chisanga and Ben Odunzeh opened and ran Emerald Medical Services on Georgia Avenue. Between 2008 and 2011, the two defrauded the D.C. Medicaid program and hundreds of needy clients to the tune of $525,000.

“Billing for services not rendered, cheating the patients out of supplies, cheating the taxpayers out of money,” listed Nick DiGuilio with the Office of Inspector General.

The indictment says Chisanga routinely “altered and falsified forms,” providing less expensive, motorized wheelchairs while billing Medicaid for the top-of-the-line models. Investigators say she pocketed as much as $5,000 per device.

Additionally, authorities say Chisanga delivered only partial orders for incontinence product but billed Medicaid for the entire tab.Emerald has since closed up shop.

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Odunzeh was arrested at the airport trying to leave the country.Chisanga got out; she’s believed to be in Zambia.

Source [ABC 7 News]

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