FDD also rejects ECZ/PF move to transmit results electronically

Opposition Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) says the decision by the Electoral Commission of Zambia to electronically transmit the Kansenegwa and Vubwi by-election results is highly suspicious and that the opposition rejects it.

Speaking in an interview FDD spokesperson Antonio Mwanza said the opposition unanimously rejected the proposed pilot project because its effectiveness has not been proved yet hence can not be trusted.

“We find the decision by Electoral Commission of Zambia to use a pilot project of transmitting electoral results electronically highly suspicious, this is the reason why as opposition political parties participating here in Vubwi by-elections unanimously rejected the use of electronically transmitting system elections.

“We all know here including PF that they can not win the elections here in Vubwi and as Opposition political parties we will not allow ourselves to be fooled by a system that can not be trusted,” Mr. Mwanza said.

He noted that it was unreasonable for the electoral body to test a project on real elections as opposed to mock elections before implementing it on real elections.

‘Our position as opposition political parties,’ Mr. Mwanza added, ‘ is that if the ECZ want to test whether the system works or not is let them use it on a mock elections not on a real a election.

We have invested both resources and time to win this election as opposition political parties so will not allow them to use a system that we do not know, whose authenticity cannot be trusted, how do we know that somebody can not hack into the system?”

As opposition political parties we have rejected this use of electronically transmitting elections if they want to try the system let them test it on a mock election not real elections.”

He also accused the electoral body of lying to the public that all the participating parties agreed to use the pilot system when it was only the ruling PF who agreed to use it.

“The Election Liason Committee which comprises of all parties sat on monday at 08:30 to discuss the issue and all the opposition parties refused and a letter was written after the meeting and signed by all 4 opposition parties rejecting the measure.” He said.

The ECZ intends to transmit the Vubwi and Kansenegwa by-elections electronically a project which if successful will be used in the 2016 general elections.

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