FDD lost Zambezi West because I could not speak Luvale- Nawakwi

FDD leader Edith Nawakwi has blamed her party’s poor performance in the  Zambezi West parliamentary by-election on language barrier.

And Nawakwi (left) has blamed the lack of development in Zambezi West on losing UPND candidate Charles Kakoma.

FDD only fielded candidates in the Vubwi and Zambezi West constituencies in last Thursday’s by-elections where they lost to the Patriotic Front.

Nawakwi complained in an interview that she failed to communicate with voters in Zambezi West because she could not speak Luvale.

“I went into the deep interiors near the plains there and you find that our people have had no access to education and therefore the barrier to development is nothing other than communication. When government wants to keep people in bondage, they use the tool of communication to deprive [them],” she said.

“I was relying on interpretation. When the whites came, firstly communication was the key to spreading both colonialism and the word [of God], but you find that in 2014 our people have been deprived of the key element to development which is communication. As a leader of a political party, I have learnt a lot from sleeping in the villages and communicating despite the barriers. I want to communicate directly with my mothers. I don’t want to communicate through a third person.”

Nawakwi, who said she was frightened at the levels of underdevelopment in Zambezi West, said she was hopeful that the PF would develop the area within a short period.

“I congratulate the PF for winning Zambezi West but I hope that in the next two years, they will get our people out of abject poverty,” she said.

“I have been in Zambezi West, there is not even the smallest development you can dream of. There are no roads, no boreholes, no sanitation. The people are cut off completely.

Obviously, this is also an indictment on the sitting MPs because if you are an MP like my brother Kakoma has been for fifteen years, at least you could even take some constituency development fund and do something.”

Nawakwi said despite the loss, she was happy that FDD had participated in the by-elections.
“We are actually excited that we were able to participate and give the ruling party and the so-called big parties a run for their money,” said Nawakwi. “We will do better when the next round comes.”

Courtesy: Post newspaper


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