FDD supports civil servants plans to demonstrate over wage freeze

Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) spokesperson Antonio Mwanza says his party supports the intended calls for countrywide demonstration by public workers over the wage freeze.

Mr. Mwanza wondered why the public workers and their unions have been so lenient with the PF Government when it has continued to implement unpopular policies such as the wage freeze without any consultations.

He noted the public workers should know by now that the PF government does not listen to reason and that they will continue to ride on their backs as long as they continue bending them.

He said public workers and Zambians should not continue tightening their belts when PF Ministers and their families are busy fattening themselves by sharing the country’s resources through road contracts at the expense of poor workers and Zambians who are just scraping by for survival.

He added that PF Government will not give into their demands of lifting the wage freeze as long as no action is taken.

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