FDD urges police to ignore Kambwili’s buffoonery on his orders to arrest whistle blowers

The deliberate act by the PF Government to conceal the contraction of over 192 million dollars loan raises serious questions about transparency and accountability, says FDD.

FDD spokesperson  Antonio Mwanza asks: ‘Why did the Government hide the loan? Did they want to divert the money?’

And now that they have been exposed, they have instructed the Inspector General of police to arrest the whistle-blowers in a bid to cover up the scandal, he said.

Mwanza said Chishimba Kambwili has no right whatsoever to direct the Inspector General of police to arrest anyone. ‘We [urge] madam Stella Libongani to ignore Mr. Kambwili’s buffoonery,’ Mwanza said.

‘How has the PF Government been managing the Public Loans that they have been contracting on almost a monthly basis?

‘It is important to note that all these loans the Government is contracting have to be paid back by you and me hence we have the right to know not only the loans being contracted but how those loans are actually being used/managed’ Mwanza said.

Mwanza said there should be nothing hidden. ‘We the taxpayers have to know. This is why a new Constitution is a must because it will ensure that no Government loan is contracted without the people’s approval through Parliament,’ Mwanza said.

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