Fear of losing grips PF, set to cancel elections

Fear of losing grips PF, set to cancel elections

This is Victor Mukonka, the useful idiot who is being used to postpone elections.
We wonder how much he has been paid


Meanwhile , Governance  Activist Reuben Lifuka writes …

The procedure to postpone the election is not as easy as Prof Mukonka is making it.
In Article 81(10), the President, May due to a state of war, state of public emergency or threatened state of public emergency, after of Parliament and before holding of general elections, recall the National Assembly that was dissolved.

It is Parliament that firstly has to confirm the State of public emergency and thereafter address the constitutional amendment if any to Article 56 which provides in mandatory terms, the date of the general election.

Maybe there is a faster route the President may employ but my humble reading of the constitution tells me this is a longer process than being highlighted

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