Sata orders cancellation of UPND Kanyama rally

Police have cancelled the UPND rally that was scheduled for Kwashuka Grounds on Sunday (tomorrow) claiming they have no manpower as it coincided with a State function.

But police sources have disclosed that the State function being referred to was the commemoration of the world-war II veterans at Cabinet Office that only takes one hour (08:00 to 09:00 hours) in the morning and does not even need police presence because it is presided by the Zambia Army.

“The real reason is that president Michael Sata was personally angered by the successful and peaceful UPND rally in Mandevu because he never expected such a huge turn-out,” sources have disclosed.

Sources said it is Sata himself who has instructed discredited Inspector General of the Police, Stella Libongani, not to allow a go ahead to the UPND rally because the peaceful nature and possible huge turn-out would embarrass him again, especially coming at a time when his own cadres have incensed people in Zambia with their thuggery behavior that led to death of four people leaving others severely injured.

“The successful and peaceful UPND Mandevu rally with the large turn-out shocked Mr. Sata. He expected a low turn-out and violence since he enjoys bloodshed. He was hoping it would fail and be violent then use it as an excuse to deny the party rallies forever. But as it turned out, it was violent free and hugely attended,” police sources said.

Police had earlier granted the UPND to hold the rally but have cancelled it.

By yesterday, the UPND lawyers led by Matha Mushipe were making frantic efforts to obtain a court order to have the rally go ahead.

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