Fearing protests, PF officials differ on vendors relocation during Cosafa

Street vendors in Kitwe have vowed not to be disturbed by the city council who want to move them from their trading centres in a cosmetic bid to decongest the town ahead of the Cosafa games which start this weekend and their resistance has created a rift within government.

Copperbelt minister Mwenya Musenge reversed the decision that was made by the council to remove all the vendors from town and warned that the move could spark protest, which could be more embarrassing than the congestion. Musenge said the removal of vendors needs to handled very carefully.

The council last week directed the vendors to move or be moved forcibly but vendors said they were on the streets because PF had not offered them the jobs they promised them and threatened to put up a big fight.

After being in office for close to two years, it is still common for the PF to differ on policy issues where one official would make a statement, just to be overturned by another official within a few days.

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