Feeling better: Sata may make a brief surprise appearance in Mangango

Ailing president Michael Sata may soon make a public appearance, including the possibility of going for by-election campaigns in Mangango, Western province, highly placed State House sources have told the Zambian Watchdog.

According to sources close to Sata’s residence at Nkwazi House, which is the presidential residence, Sata has been on some slow recovery, though he may never recover fully from the various ailments.

“Yes the boss has been making some steady progress in recovering. He might even surprise you and go for by-elections in Mangango, Western province, for a very short rally. But the voice is still very weak and has somehow changed after an operation of the vocal cords due to throat cancer,” highly placed sources have disclosed.

Sata’s wife Christine Kaseba on Wednesday confidently said his husband is fine and has never been in a coma.

But what she did not tell the nation was that Sata has been on intensive medication to repair various organs of the body from some of the best doctors and medicine in the world at great cost.

Now sources say, like an other patient receiving good health care, Sata has temporarily recovered and may start making a few public appearances.

“But that does not mean he is completely healed. There have been so many patients who have been on coma but with good health care, they recover but need to completely rest from stressful jobs, such as the presidency. If anything for some patients, just when you think they have fully recovered, thats when they suddenly go depending on their work schedules,” State House sources disclosed.

Sata’s wife also said it was unfortunate that people are plotting for the Head of State to be in a coma when he is fine and moving the nation forward.

She said this in Chinsali District when she officiated at a girls mentorship training programme aimed at reducing teen pregnancies in Muchinga Province.

Sata’s medical team have been racing against time for him to recover and make public appearance especially with the forth-coming by-elections around the country and the ceremonial opening of parliament which he cannot delegate.

Mangango in Western province is particularly sensitive for him to appear as his absence will particularly be exploited to mean he hates the people of that province yet everyone in government keeps saying he was health and fit.

Sata has so far missed several key presidential engagements both within and outside Zambia.

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