Fellow musician Saboi Imboela analysis on conviction of Gen. Kanene

This is from musician Saboi Imboela’s facebook page

The arrest, trial and now conviction of General Kanene makes my heart bleed on so many levels. First and foremost, a girl’s innocence was violated and we do not know the psycological effects this may have on her for the rest of her life. Secondly, instead of being apologetic, he tried to paint the young girl as a prostitute. The law is very clear, even if a girl is a prostitute but she is under age, you will still be arrested for defilement. Infact, even where the girl is 13 and the boy 15 (both children) the boy will still be arrested, so i guess we need to intensify sexual education to young people, especially boys so that they know that one act like this can ruin their entire lives. Thirdly, General Kanene is a young man in his prime, these are the most productive years of his life and yet will be spent behind bars. The truth is that he should have acted better. With so many defilement cases, most of us have been calling for stiffer punishment to deter would-be perpetrators so a man in his position will go a long way in being used as an example of what Not to do to young girls. Fourthly, he said the girl was getting CDs from him and wanted to be his dancing queen so its from here that he thought that she was 18 years, as he employs girls who are only 18 and above. So does it mean he sleeps with everyone who comes looking for a job as a dancer??? Thats actually Sexual Harrassment- and one of the most annoying things of this case…. To him, fellow artists and the general public, his conviction should not be in vain but should be a lesson of how NOT to treat girls. Sincerely girls have been violated enough in this country and have to be protected at all costs. This message has been very hard for me, given the fact that he is a brother- but the act he committed is one that any well meaning woman, sister, mother and just person in general should not even tolerate. International Day of the Child’s theme last year was stopping violence against children and sexual violence is one of the worst forms of violence. I know that there is a studio in prison, so i hope he will compose songs to teach fellow men to stay away from young girls and even show remorse/repentence- NOT where he even tried to show that the girl was a prostitute. I wish him well and pray that he takes time to pray a lot and redirect his life. To the young girl, you have a future ahead of u and it was very brave and good of you to report this. I hope more children will report such cases to the authorities in good time. I also pray that your family organises therapy for you, because this is not an easy thing at all. God will see you through this and you shall be victorious. Concentrate on your school and as much as possible try to get this behind you- its NOT easy but with God all things are possible.

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