Female teachers caught abusing school boy

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The video above is not a movie but a true action of two female teachers of Muchinga high school in isoka,Muchinga province who started their valentines month in a style by sleeping with the young boy in the same room both of them as old as they are,in a White jacket is Helen Kanyanta,in a black dress is Patricia Katema both are teachers at the named school,the boy in checked is the son to a man with the shovel, pleading is the mother of the boy: the full story is that first week of February 2017 both female teachers went to a named guest house which has a bar,after taking alcohol both Patricia and Helen went in one of the rooms and had sex with the young guy under same roof.The guest house and bar belongs to the father of the young boy, after seeing that it’s too much of such nonsense ,the watch man phoned the father to come and see what these old teachers do with the young boy for it was not the first time to have sex with him,that’s how they were caught red handed by the parents of the boy.Hope these two female teachers don’t sleep with young pupils at Muchinga high school, they need to be investigated and disciplined,PEO Muchinga and DEBS Isoka do something to see that the boys at Muchinga high school are safe from these hungry sex female teachers.


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