FFTUZ justifies child labour under PF government

Federation of Free Trade Unions of Zambia FFTUZ National Eecutive Secretary Lyson Mando has justified the high forms of child labour under the PF government, contrary to what other speakers said at this year’s World Day against child labour comemoration in Kabwe.

Mando who is a known PF propgandist said if the activity (child labour) was of benefit to the family and helped the child it was alright, but labour deputy minister Ronald Chitotela disclosed that his government was committed to fighting all forms of child labour in the country.

This is the second time in a row that Mando has made a careless statement in an effort to please his paymaster ailing dictator Michael Sata who has also appointed him on the Workers’ Compensation Fund Control Board.

On Labour day this year, Mando shocked Kabwe people when he wildly said that the PF had created many jobs in Kabwe even when it was evident that the company continued to face high unemployment levels due to the PF’s failure to fulfill campaign promises such as the reopenning of the giant Mulungushi textiles, which has now become a piggery.

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