FFTUZ too compromised

Dear Editor,
Kindly hide my ID for my safety.
The following would give enough evidence as why FFTUZ  has remained silent on the Dismissed  Nurses and the People driven Constitution .
1.The office bearers have been in office illegally for close to eleven(11)years especially Joyce   Nonde simukoko and Lyson Mando,president and National Executive Secretary respectively.
2.There has been Financial misappropriation ,misapplication and abuse besides failure to account for the finances.
3.The top executive officials are on a government allowance in order to remain supportive of the PF government or remain silent on pertinent issues negatively affecting employees and the people of Mother Zambia.

For fear of government applying the law on FFTUZ, some Top FFTUZ Officials have been turned into spying agents for the PF government to the effect that some Union Leaders were hounded out of their positions using the system because they were viewed as enemies of PF government .

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