Fiancé in love triangle speaks out

Fiancé in love triangle speaks out


Andrew Liyungu- the man behind the Dominic Yobe audio story

“I dumped Andrew Liyunga after he was involved in fraud and theft cases”-Tabitha Mulilo
” I found him cheating live, having sex with another girl, I never went on social media”-Tabitha
” He has been jobless since January. I support him. He is just a whatsApp Admin asking for money from people”- Tabitha

A few months ago, Andrew Liyungu was in the news for stealing K53,000.00 – salary money from SuperOne Company.

Now the woman he is calling his Fiancé who allegedly slept with Dominic Yobe says she dumped Andrew Liyungu a longtime ago and this case is very serious case of sour grapes.

Below is her story.

“I thought i did not owe anyone an explanation but actually i do lol cause it would be very unfair for you guys who were part of our relationship….to just see my status from being engaged-to-single and not forgetting the circulating story of my very innocent and broken ex-fiance Andrew.”

“Now the reason why I broke up with Andrew is basically his immaturity. We were long broken up and I was long done with the relationship before the recent incident am sure most of my close friends whom I told in confidence can agree with me.”

“His immaturity and desperation is just on another level… is the story he found an audio conversation between my old-time ex (Dominic Yobe) and I saying he was coming to pick me up and we were going out am sure most of you have heard it by now.”

“Without asking me anything or talking at all, typical of Andrew he proceeded to confront my ex asking if he is having an affair with me then goes to tell my old ex’s fiance and actually brought her to my home to confront me.”

“Not only that, my ex fiance went on social media and starts telling everyone that I cheated on him he’s heart broken sends almost everyone in his contact list the audio of my convo.”

“Here’s my story; I went out with an old ex yes which i actually felt guilty about cause I even said so in some messages, besides Andrew and I were actually on separation.”

“The main reason why Andrew is doing all he’s doing people is because am the one who ended our relationship. I told him i don’t want him anymore and gave him back his ring not because of my old ex but because of his behaviour and immaturity,the way he handles things is senseless”.

“If I can tell you that I caught him red handed in bed having sex with someone no one would believe because i didn’t publicise it i didn’t or send messages to people”.

“All I did is, I forgave him, I was there for him, I loved him, I supported him, kept him from from January of this year till recently with no job no money but did you hear me say anything on social media whenever he wronged me?”

“Andrew is a liar and very manipulative….all he does is be on whatsApp all day chatting and arguing about rubbish with people, asking for airtime and money from people especially girls and arguing about being WhatsApp admin instead of getting a job or something.”

“As well as lying to pipo that he stripped me off his ring and he paid my lobola and wedding when he only reached with his uncle na k150 mumbale.”

“And now he’s posting me muma groups mwebantu that am a whore. Who is a whore between him and i? And can there be future sure with such a person? There and many more reasons i can not disclose”

Andrew Liyungu is since being sought for theft by Agent.

Andrew Liyungu stole and drew K53, 500.00 money which never belonged to his company but customers.

Liyungu drew the amount from FNB Bank and failed to turn up back for work instead disappeared.

He later switched off his phone after repeated attempts to reach him.

Management reported the matter to the Police

SupaOne Ltd is also offering a reward to anyone that will help bring the culprit to book.

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