FIFA deadline should not mislead us


My take on Faz draft constitution to be adopted by Faz councelors next month and Fifa deadline.

The constitution must by all means meet the spirations of people it intends to govern.we cant have a constitution which is segregative because we have a deadline by Fifa

And it doesnt mean that we have to do something wrong because of a deadline NO as Mr Mofya said we should value our votes even as we go to vote in the new constitution we should not look at a deadline but the future of our football in Zambia now and decades to come.if it means Fifa suspends us because we have rejected unbalanced constitution so let it be.

Just to remind some of my fellow councelors a constitution is a fundamental document which must be taken care of because it will determine our football in our country in many generations to come. Hence my appeal is that let us not worry much about Fifa deadline but let us worry much about our football in Zambia.

I Thank you


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