Final report on former ministers

Final report on former ministers

Laura Miti Says:

Minister Report

As they leave, here is my report card for a selection of Ministers:

1. Fairly non-descript in her Fisheries portfolio, Nkandu Luo’s greatest impact was at Higher Education. There she had a shockingly antagonistic attitude to all things student welfare. In taking away meal allowances, she murdered and buried many a bright future for a smart but underprivileged child. It’s Tragic legacy she will always carry.

2. Stephen Kampyongo has been the all round most harmful Minister in the EL Administration. Cadre violence, an abused militarised police service, abuse of the Public Order Act, closing of the civic space, unlawful arrests, political tension Terrible Minister.

3. Bowman Luasmbo has been consistently painful. Like a boil.

4. Brian Mabumba, of the unfortunate incident, was a solid Minister at Education. Put his head down and worked at systems.

5. Jean Kapata oversaw the raping of our Mukula, shared out Forest 27, ignoring vociferorous public protest. Didn’t seem to care about the national good.

6. Brian Mushimba came across to me like a PR Minister. How it looks mattering more than how it is.

7. Vincent Mwale – lovely Minister that always engaged respectfully with the public, whether in the right or wrong. He was the one Minister that reminded the country of an almost dreamlike era in which Ministers were dignified and knowledgable. Support for Bill 10 is a major blight on his record though.

8. Given Lubinda was prepared to kill Zambian democracy via #Bill10. His arrogance as Minister was pure and undiluted.

9. Dora Siliya – very annoying. Waxing lyrical to defend nonsense. Clearly in it for herself. A Minister who could easily jump ship to whoever won.

10. Chitotela. Gosh!!!!!

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