Final voter register probably tampered with

Final voter register probably tampered with


Voters’ roll analysis shows that the final ECZ register has been tampered with

Analysis conducted on both the final hard copy of the voters roll and an electronic version circulating have revealed several pressing concerns.

Chief among these are that the electronic version is missing around 420,000 votes. The final hard copy register claims to cover 7,002,393 voters. However, the soft copy circulating contains only 6,572,435. While the latter is not confirmed as final, concerns have been raised
that the percentage of registered voters appears to be basically the same in each province in both version. This raised concerns that the numbers have been topped up in order to boost the final register and that whatever the reason for doing so the missing pool of voters could be used to manipulate the outcome on August 12th.

While an analysis of the increase in number of registered voters at the constituency level has
since revealed that the increases are not uniform at this level the reasons behind the discrepancies are still unclear.

Of note is that in some places a lot more voters are present in the final version of the roll according to the ECZ (Msanzala at 22,000, Mandevu at 21,000 and
Malole at 16,000), while in other areas the number of voters recorded ended up being lower in the final version (-16,000 for Petauke, -2,000 in Bahati). This in itself is very strange.

These challenges highlight the need for there to be a verified electronic copy of the register that proves the existence of these additional voters ahead of the polls.

Analysis of the hard copy of the register continues with some duplicates and problems identified such as the appearance of voters in both the register and the exclusion list.

Biometric verification

The ECZ has announced plans to biometrically verify voters in constituencies totalling over 1.6 million voters using 949 agents. This would mean each agent would need to process almost 1,750 voters. Assuming it takes 5 minutes to verify each person and a polling day of
14 hours, it will take each ECZ officials 10.4 days to get through the list. Even if we assume 70% turnout, that is 7 days.

The ECZ justification for the selection of constituencies for biometric verification was those with the highest number of people. But that is not what they have selected. For example, in Western they have selected Nalikwanda with 16,597 voters and not Shangombo with 26,578.

In Nalikwanda the PF have a candidate who defected, and so may well lose their seat as a result. Such targeting then suggests that constituencies may have been selected to allow the
ECZ to screen out the “wrong type of voter”.

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