Finally govt admits there is oil in Zambia

After ZWD exposure that foreign  companies were digging oil in Northwestern and Western provinces but pretending that they are still exploring, the PF regime has now admitted that there is oil in Zambia. But instead of just admitting the oil is in Northwestern and Western provinces, the PF says oil is in Northern and Luapula provinces


Foreign firms drilling oil in Zambia without authority

Minister of Mines Christopher Yaluma says the consultant engaged to conduct oil and gases exploration in Luapula and Northern Provinces has indicated presence of hydro carbons in the two areas.

Mr. Yaluma says this is an indication that there is oil and gas in Luapula and Northern Provinces.

The Minister says the environmental impact assessment plan has already been done in the two provinces and Government will soon start getting results that will be announced in the next three weeks.

Mr. Yaluma says there is potential for oil and gas in block 31 and 54.

Block 31 and 54 runs from east Africa through Kenya into Tanzania and Zambia through Mpulungu, Lake Tanganyika and Sumbu up to Lake Mweru.

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