Finally Lungu agrees that Sata messed up Zambia’s international profile

Finally Lungu agrees that Sata messed up Zambia’s international profile

Finally, president E

Lungu enjoying life and being worshipped in Mfuwe

Lungu enjoying life and being worshipped by job seekers in Mfuwe

dgar Lungu has agreed with the Zambian Watchdog that his party the PF and late Michael Sata in particular messed up Zambia’s international standing.

During Sata’s presidency, the Watchdog exclusively, and consistently reported how the late thug destroyed Zambia’s international profile, though Lungu and others such as the little imbecile Harry Kalaba said all was well. In the past three years, only Zimbabwean dictator Robert Mugabe visted Zambia.

But justifying his upcoming international travels, new president Lungu said Zambia’s international profile has gone down in the past three years.

Speaking before leaving for Mfuwe yesterday, Lungu said Zambians should expect him to make more international trips because he felt travelling to meet other heads of states would raise Zambia’s profile.  “Zambia’s international profile in the last three years has gone down. I think we have to up it a bit. We have to be visible to the international community so that we can attract investment and fellowship with our international colleagues. If we don’t, we will become dull because our ideas are not tested,” he said. “So when you see me travel out of the country, it is the best that can be done. We have the foreign affairs minister, we have the ambassadors and high commissioners, but it is not every time you can delegate. A head of state also feels comfortable to deal with a fellow head of state. That way, we will build more.” President Lungu  said  he would travel to Zimbabwe in two weeks time to meet the new AU chairperson, Robert Mugabe, and later to Angola  for the official launch of the border post between the two countries. And President Lungu wondered why people were criticising his retreat to Mfuwe.  “I told you that I will have no honeymoon. There is a difference between a holiday and a retreat, I was looking at the dictionary this morning and I said, ‘do these people know?’” President Lungu said. “I am going for a retreat, I am not on holiday. You don’t go on holiday with the full complement of office staff. The Secretary to the Cabinet is going and some of my ministers and State House officials are not going to nurse me, but help me think through the appointments I am making.” He added: “I know my priorities; some cheeky fellows are saying ‘Lungu doesn’t know his priorities’.

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