Finally PF finds and pays Congolese illegal immigrants to bear false witness againt GBM

Finally PF finds and pays Congolese illegal immigrants to bear false witness againt GBM


Congolese Nationals are behind the fabricated story which saw the arrest and illegal detention of UPND’s presumptive presidential running mate Geoffrey Mwamba, impeccable sources at Chisokone Market have revealed.

The sources say GBM and Miles Sampa were thunderously welcomed to the market by marketeers and at no time was there an altercation as portrayed in the PF media

“Actually, everyone mobbed GBM and Sampa for a handshake,” said one of the marketeers.

Afraid that GBM had wiped away what little support they commanded, PF concocted a lie that GBM had assaulted some people. They frantically tried to find someone who they could pay to press assault charges on GBM but failed to find a desperate Zambian. They then settled for two Congolese illegal immigrants whom they promised citizenship and paid them a K2000.

“These are actually father and son. They sell goat meat at a place they call JA MBUZI near the car wash by Chisokone market,” said another source on condition of anonymity.

The PF officials in Kitwe have already arranged for paperwork to give the two Congolese citizenship.

“But their accent will give them away in court,” the source reported.

Many marketeers have reacted with disbelief that government can use foreign nationals to cook lies on fellow Zambians.

“I would like to warn the foreigners in Zambia, please don’t be used to propagate pandemonium in this country, you will land in jail very soon and we’ll see who will come to your defense!” warned another trader at Chisokone who spoke in Bemba. “Ask everyone here, in fact Muvi TV filmed the whole procession. There was no fracas whatsoever, this who thing is a big lie by government, an embarrassing lie!” She lamented.‎


On Monday, GBM was granted a bail by a magistrate court after spending the weekend in jail. Many Copperbelt residents expressed shock when they learned that the GBM accusers are actually Congolese vagabonds.

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