Finally, PF government admits having failed in agriculture

Finally, PF government admits having failed in agriculture

wp_20170208_10_49_33_pro-copyVice President Inonge Wina has finally apologised to the farmers in Central province over the failed e-voucher card system which has led to many small scale farmers being unable to access farming inputs.

Central province minister Sydney Mushanga yesterday told Wina that his office has received numerous complaints of the farmers failing to access the inputs because the cards remained inactive in spite of having paid. Mushanga said that the scenario poses a threat onto food security. In response, Wina said that she was very disappointed and regretted that the e-voucher had caused such problems.

“Really I am disappointed that the e-voucher has caused such threat to food security and we don’t know exactly where the problem is. I am however sorry for this but I wish the agro dealers were here so that we establish the exact problems,” said Wina.

But UPND central province chairman Albert Chifita said that Wina shouldn’t pretend not to have known the problem of the e-voucher because it was very clear that even when farmers pay the money, the PF government diverts that money to other avenues thereby leaving the small scale farmer to vulnerability.

“The PF government is purely blank about agriculture, right from inception we as UPND opposed this monster of e-voucher system but they went ahead to implement it. If she doesn’t know what has gone wrong, can she tell us what is wrong with paying farmers their money? ” said Mr. Chifita.

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