Finally police admit Watchdog revelations that Chanda was killed by Lungu, but links him to UPND

Southern Province Police Commissioner Charity Katanga has disowned fellow cadre Henry Harry Lungu, the thug who killed his fellow PF cadre Harrison Chanda in Livingstone.

While the police have been arresting people Hichilema, Nkombo and others for the killing, the Watchdog has been consistent the PF thug imported from Monze was killed by a fellow PF thug over money.

According to the ZNBC lunch time news, Katanga has since linked the killer Lungu to the UPND to justify her earlier claims together with that of fellow thugs Obvious Mwaliteta and Sylvia Masebo who have been openly implicating UPND on television news.

But the records indicate that while Lungu was UPND cadre prior to 2011 elections, he defected to the PF on 31st January 2013 at a press briefing addressed by then Southern province minister Mwaliteta in Livingstone.

Lungu has also been openly denouncing UPND during the on-going by-election campaigns.

The last time Lungu featured with fellow PF cadres at a public function was when president Michael Sata went for campaigns on 23rd February this year shortly before Chanda was murdered.

Eye-witnesses testify that even the day Chanda died, Lungu was in the Isuzu vehicle in the PF convoy which was going round campaigning.

UPND have since dissociated themselves from Lungu because he renounced the membership a long time ago, and has since been an active member of the PF campaign team in Livingstone.

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