Finally ZNBC employs the PF cadres as journalists

THE Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) management has been forced to employ Patriotic Front (PF) sympathetic cadre-Journalists to foster the image of the “self-destructive” ruling party.
The Journalists mostly from Muvi television, radio phoenix and the Post Newspaper were employed on the national broadcaster on instructions from State House press aide George Chellah and Amos Malupenga. They started work on September 3 2012.
According to sources in the ZNBC human resources office among some of the PF Journalist cadres now on the ZNBC pay-roll include Anorld Tutu, formerly of radio Phoenix, In’gutu Mupango, Delphister Lungu, Paul Shalala, Brian Tembo, (all former Muvi TV) reporters) and Bright Mukwasa a former Post Reporter.
According to the source, management was instructed not to employ Chris Habeenzu for un known reasons.
Mr Habeenzu was also promised that he would have been employed by ZNBC after he had been fired from Muvi TV.
“Initially he was on the list that we received from State House but later we were told that Mr Habeenzu should not be employed,” said the source.
Apart from Bright Mukwasa, Brian Tembo and Paul Shalala who have Diploma qualifications from Evelyn Hone College the other cadres hold hazy qualifications in Journalism from quesionable training providers.
Before this recruitment the PF, again through George Chellah and Malupenga, undertook a media purge dismissing all who according to them were either too independent to continue working for the PF controlled media. In April this year Chellah and Malupenga fired six seasoned senior Journalists from Times of Zambia and two others from the Zambia Daily Mail. Others were also fired from ZNBC.
Those close to chellah say he has been boasting that he is “incharge” and that he would personally ensure that the opposition does not get any favourable coverage in the three government controlled Newspapers and ZNBC.
“George is always boasting when we are with him that first he wants to fix Journalists that he doesn’t like, the problem is that maybe he is too childish because he even wants to mix professional issues with personal grudges.
“The people who can survive now in the Zambian median industry are people like Anthony Mukwita who is a bootlicker and who hero worship. They know that Tony likes to live huge so they just dungled what he likes most,” said a close confidant of Chellah.
Meanwhile some employees at ZNBC says the new recruits were too excited and in a hurry to please “their masters.”
“Now we are so careful in the newsroom because it is clear that these people have been planted and are on a mission, we know that they report directly to George and being childish as he is you can just lose employment over a non issue.
“Some of them are already boasting that they drink beer with George. Who doesn’t know the relationship between Ing’utu and George?,” said the source.

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